Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Artists Statement

My work is purely memories and thoughts, I capture these memories in an abundance of colour so they are vivid and vibrant. A good memory should never be lost forever. Alcohol inks are my preferred medium though I do paint with acrylics as well. I find inks to be captivating, it’s the way they dance over the surface and blend together. I use a variety of tools to paint with, brushes, straws, my hands and fingers, business cards and anything else I can find in my studio to move the inks and acrylics around. My vision is to bring colour into your life with my art and hopefully I spark some memories for you to cherish. Colour is my realm, this is how I see the world. Mostly my inspiration comes from flora, space and the ocean. I feel very connected to the sea as I spent my childhood growing up in Broome, Western Australia, I was by it and on the ocean fishing and swimming all day long. Floral blooms excite my imagination they truly are nature’s gifts, I love to be in my garden whenever I can amongst the blooms.


The Garden In The Sea 23 x 23cm2019-07-07T13:54:32+10:00
Roses In The Sun Rays 23 x 23cm2019-07-07T14:18:19+10:00
The Depth Of The True Blue 63 x 33cm2019-07-07T14:27:29+10:00
True Blue Ocean View 63 x 33cm2020-10-26T15:40:51+11:00
True Blue Ocean View 63 x 33cm2019-07-08T11:48:49+10:00


Address: 621 McDonalds Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320 Australia

Hours: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm Friday – Monday


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