Carly Casey

Artists Statement

Carly Casey is an Australian artist whose work spans drawings, paintings and illustration. Carly’s primary focus is portraiture, both of people and animals, working both on self initiated projects and commissions. When she isn’t dreaming up her next creative project, Carly can also be found at the beach playing with her three small children, or teaching kids art classes and workshops at her studio, Art&Co.


SOLD Ruby Summer Mixed Media 50cm x 40cm2019-10-23T10:48:37+11:00
SOLD Acid Drops Mixed Media on Canvas 107cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:48:46+11:00
SOLD Every Time I Think of You 2 Acrylic on Canvas 153cm x 112cm2019-10-23T10:49:13+11:00
SOLD Every Time I Think Of You 5 Mixed Media 152cm x 112cm2019-10-23T10:49:26+11:00
SOLD Canary Cross Acrylic on Canvas 40cm x 30cm2019-10-23T10:49:37+11:00
SOLD Canary Yellow Acrylic on Canvas 101cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:49:48+11:00
SOLD Candy Striper Acrylic on Canvas 106cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:49:58+11:00
SOLD Sitting Pretty Acrylic on Canvas!01cm x 101cm2019-10-23T10:50:12+11:00
SOLD Sitting Pretty 3 Acrylic on Canvas 101cm x 101cm2019-10-23T10:50:25+11:00
SOLD Zoe Plays Acrylic on Canvas 106cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:50:35+11:00
SOLD Cherry Ripe Acrylic on Canvas 106cm x 106cm2019-10-23T10:50:50+11:00
SOLD Dotty Dress Mixed Media 50cm x 40cm2019-10-23T10:51:01+11:00
SOLD Girl in Red Mixed Media 91cm x 91cm2019-10-23T10:51:25+11:00
SOLD Wallflowers 2 Mixed Media 152cm x 112cm2019-10-23T10:51:35+11:00
SOLD All Partied Out 2 Acrylic on Canvas 152cm x 61cm2019-10-23T10:51:43+11:00
SOLD A Taste of Red Acrylic on Canvas 45cm x 45cm2019-10-23T10:52:00+11:00
SOLD Dreaming Of You Mixed Media 101cm x 101cm2019-10-23T10:52:11+11:00
SOLD Friday Night Wines – Juicy Mixed Media on Canvas 167cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:52:24+11:00
SOLD Friday Night Wines – Lush Mixed Media on Canvas 167cm x 76cm2019-10-23T10:52:37+11:00
SOLD Girls Night Out Mixed Media 152cm x 112cm2019-10-23T10:52:48+11:00
SOLD Glamourpuss Acrylic on Canvas 152cm x 112cm2019-10-23T10:52:57+11:00
SOLD Little Princess Acrylic on Canvas 152cm x 61cm2019-10-23T10:53:10+11:00
SOLD Love Springs l Mixed Media 152cm x 91cm 22019-10-23T10:53:51+11:00
SOLD Miss September Mixed Media 91cm x 91cm2019-10-23T10:54:04+11:00


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