Miertj’e Skidmore

Artists Statement

Art often is seen and felt as an enlightening and emotive personal experience. The visual language of spontaneous shards of dynamic colours against the softest cloud like subtle hues us how I express my artistic voice. In an abstract form, I like to engage others in their own perceptions of what they see. We all assimilate our environment and life’s experiences very individually which I personally express on canvass with varying overlays of transparent and opaque paints. The interaction of living creatures whether underwater, such as the endless amazing variations in our Great Barrier Reef, or above ground animals, insects and plants, have a real fascination for me and they are often depicted in my work as abstract creatures reaching out and communicating as well as protecting each other, just like the positive characteristics in humans. Even though the subject and meaning of each work is apparent to me it is still through the eyes of the observer that the final conclusions are made.


FOLLOWING OUR OWN PATHWAYS 120 X 180CM2020-08-10T16:49:27+10:00
SEEING OUT THE STORM 120 X 180CM2020-12-03T13:56:53+11:00
COOPERATIVE PROCESS 180 X 120CM2020-10-09T14:40:17+11:00
SIMPLE PLEASURES 43 X 130CM2019-11-14T12:07:31+11:00
UNSEEN ACTIVITY 150 X 180CM2020-12-03T14:42:16+11:00
ORGANIC LIFE FORMS 128 X 130CM2020-08-10T17:27:42+10:00
ENVIABLE POSITIONS 120 X 180CM2019-10-25T17:53:40+11:00
Integrated Depths 50 x 185cm2020-10-26T15:42:53+11:00
Unexplored Challenges 50 x 185cm2019-07-04T11:59:00+10:00


621 McDonalds Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320 Australia

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