Phil Drummond

Artists Statement

My paintings have drawn their inspiration from the so called “Golden Age” of Spanish still life painting, which refers to the first half of the seventeenth century; particularly the works of Sanchez Cotan, Juan Van der Hamen and Juan de Zurbaran. these artists have a timeless, almost minimalist approach to their subjects, so that their paintings still hold freshness and an immediacy that resonates to this day. My work is more than just art imitating nature, I have tried to infuse a quiet, reflective quality into my paintings with simple compositions and humble subject matter. The challenge being to create naturalism without the work becoming too laboured. I work directly from the model, seeing and painting being an intrinsic part of the process. Capturing my subject within the intimacy of the studio before it wilts and dies, reinforcing the permenancy of art over the mortal world. In an uncertain world obsessed with technological advancement there is something reassuring about following traditions and exploring the simplicity of natural forms.


BANKSIA WITH POMEGRANATES 90 X 70CM2020-12-20T14:37:18+11:00
EUCALYPTUS SUMMER 67 X 43CM2020-12-20T14:34:09+11:00
EUCALYPTUS BLOSSOM 120 X 90CM2020-12-03T14:36:16+11:00
Native Flowers,Pomegranates, Pears & Quinces 120 x 190cm2019-07-04T14:15:24+10:00


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