Sherren Comensoli

Artists Statement

Sherren Comensoli is a self-taught full-time Contemporary artist for the past 15 years. She was originally raised in northeast Victoria and moved to Melbourne in 1991 where she completed a Bachelor of Design at the Melbourne School of Design (RMIT). Sherren’s professional career begin in Retail Design and Visual Merchandising, developing window displays at David Jones’ iconic, flagship store in the Bourke Street mall in Melbourne. From there she moved on to retail design and contracted as a store design consultant for various clients.

Sherren has 2 children and now resides in Camberwell. She has been painting, as a full-time artist, since 2006. Sherren is driven by her desire to create beautiful living spaces, where her art acts as the focal point. She is also an interior styling consultant and uses many of her own paintings to pull together personal room settings for her clients.

“My paintings mostly reflect landscapes, in a contemporary translation. Natural elements such as rocks, gum trees, the ocean, and mountain scenes are all my preferred subjects. I like to add multiple layers and keep building the painting up slowly until I have something that is substantial and complex. I will always be experimental and brave with my painting style. I will always follow my instincts and the creative voice in my head which guides me in all that I do. I want my paintings to be versatile and to set new trends.

My Botanical collection also aims to give the viewer two viewpoints, intertwined together. There is the “gods view” (looking down over the land) which is the hidden meaning behind the black lines. This represents mapping out the fence lines and borders of the region in which I am painting. These focus on geographical lines. Whereas the frontal view allows one to look “through” the environment. I aim to remind the viewer that harmony can be achieved when two points of view cohesively exist together. My intertwining branches represents togetherness. Unity. The concept that all living things are connected, either physically, or energetically. People, nature, animals, the land, all living things, connected by a neutral bountiful energy network. I also like the notion of my paintings bringing the outdoors, inside. I hope that my Botanical series has a somewhat transformative effect, particularly on those who live in harsh city environments, and crave nature.

Many of my painting titles are named after places that hold special memories to me”.


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