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Born in Newcastle NSW, I have been involved in painting since my primary school days. However, travelling with my family all over the world at an early age, I followed a different career path for some years, although I did continue my studies when time allowed. After living abroad for 15 years, I returned in 1986. I have lived in the Hunter Valley for the last 30 years with my partner, a professional photographer, and paint fulltime from my home studio. I work primarily in mixed media, either on canvas or paper, and am continually finding new ways to mix it up, especially with all the mediums we have available today.

The colours, textures and light of the Australian landscape, its myths and history, continue to challenge and inspire me. I am always searching for the “spirit of place” rather than a literal translation of what I see before me. My method of working continues to evolve on an almost daily basis and I love to experiment with different methods and materials. Resolution of the initial start often takes weeks or months before a painting comes together, and there are many more failures than successes! However, it is the ‘doing’ which is important to me, not the end result. The many moods of ‘Terra Australis” provide a never-ending source of inspiration and it is my fond hope to continue to learn and grow as time passes.


BRIGHT SOFT CORAL ON THE REEF 90 X 120CM2023-09-22T19:28:02+10:00
SOFT CORAL ON THE REEF 90 X 120CM2023-09-22T19:27:30+10:00
DEEP IN THE CORAL 122 X 92CM2022-03-01T16:25:21+11:00
CRUISING IN THE CORAL 122 X 92CM2022-07-15T15:36:48+10:00
FROM REEF TO SEA 92 X 122CM2021-07-04T15:07:25+10:00
DEEP IN THE CORAL 92 X 122CM2021-06-19T13:23:52+10:00
STUNNING SUNRISE ON THE LAKE 100 X 100CM2021-03-29T14:27:22+11:00
SWEPT BY THE WIND 100 X 100CM2021-02-09T13:05:27+11:00
OUR GLORIOUS BARRIER REEF 92 X 122CM2020-12-19T16:19:37+11:00
CLOWNFISH IN ANEMONES 90 X 90CM2020-07-09T17:22:00+10:00


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