Callie Gray

Artists Statement

I’m always questioning life; what is it all for, what is the best version of me, and what is my connection to nature? Why does being in nature make me feel so complete? It’s not just physical but spiritual, in essence, bringing the essential soul out of hiding. My work has become an enquiry of this relationship.

Nature, not as representational, but about the feelings it stirs in me and how I feel connected and renewed by it. That’s why I paint intuitively, I don’t want to paint ‘from’ a photo of nature, I want to paint ‘about’ my memories of being in nature. I want you to feel what I feel when I am in nature. The brushstrokes, the colors, the expressive marks all become this new language that bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. A language to bring the essential soul out of hiding, a language that connects you to your own deeper nature and the collective soul of humanity.

I’m an acrylic painter who also likes to add mark making using graphite, crayons, paint markers and occasionally collage. My style is that of abstract expressionism in that I paint intuitively using bold and free brushstrokes, interspersed by scribbly mark making that I put my whole body into (kind of like a dance) It must be joyful (movement). Then I like to finesse a painting, by looking at the whole and what marks, colors and compositional elements are needed to make a work outstanding. I’m always evolving and growing as an artist and that is very important to me, to not stand still. I’ve started to develop a few key marks (symbols) that I like to use in most of my paintings. They symbolize the heart mind and soul of who I am as well as the deeper connection we all share as humanity.


IN A HEART BEAT 122 X 122CM2023-03-18T14:39:39+11:00
JUNGLE PARADISE DIPTYCH 95 X 95CM2022-05-05T09:52:52+10:00


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