Carly Casey

Artists Statement

Carly Casey is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose work spans drawing, painting and illustration. She grew up in a creative environment, working in partnership with her mother artist Lyn Hammond painting, exhibiting ,running and curating art shows for 12yrs at Artfocus Gallery on the Northern Beaches.

During this time Carly with her entrepreneurial and business and artistic skills also helped run and teach some 200 students a week at their art school at Artfocus Gallery & Studio. Carly’s primary focus is portraiture, both of people and animals, working both on self initiated projects and commissions.

Carly is a highly sort after artist with a Bachelor of Design Degree. Her paintings and works on paper are collected by people from all over the world. Her exhibition history is long, she has exhibited internationally and for 7yrs was represented at Art Sydney International Art Fairs. She has participated in many group art shows with selling out of her work.

Carly is also represented by Watershed Gallery & CWM Galleries. Carly was living in Oahu Hawaii with her family for a two year artist inspiration residency 2020 to 2022. When she isn’t dreaming up her next creative project, teaching children’s art classes and workshops at her present studio Art&Co, Carly can be found at the beach playing. with her three young children.


HOT TROPIC NUDE 1 46 X 61CM2021-11-07T12:09:05+11:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 2 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:23:41+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 3 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:20:54+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 4 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:18:20+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 5 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:16:06+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 6 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:13:41+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 7 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:11:11+10:00
HOT TROPIC NUDE 8 46 X 61CM2021-06-19T12:08:59+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN YELLOW 1 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:42:56+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN YELLOW 2 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:39:52+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN YELLOW 3 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:36:18+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN YELLOW 4 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:33:53+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN BLUE 1 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:28:29+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN BLUE 2 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:25:00+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN BLUE 3 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:21:50+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN PURPLE 1 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:16:10+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN PURPLE 2 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:12:12+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN PINK 2 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:07:05+10:00
PLUMERIA STUDY IN PINK 1 62 X 53CM2021-06-19T11:04:14+10:00


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