Heidi Lee Warta

Artists Statement

My love of the Australian bush and Eucalyptus trees have been a consistent area of interest and appreciation for me for many years now. Connection with country through my art practice is a cultivation of peace, deep experiential learning, and satisfaction. It’s important for me to feel one with my natural environment and art is the bridge through which I meld with and explore my interpretation of this beautiful land and life we share.

I have been teaching art three days a week in the mental health and disability sector for over thirteen years now and I have also seen how my clients struggle in their daily lives. This has also taught me humility and gratitude for my own art practice and the time I have here. So, I suppose what I am trying to say is that now I create what comes from my heart and what I am inspired to do.

I love lots of things about my art practice, mainly my spirit is happy and I feel nurtured when I am creating and thinking about my art processes. Art Chose me I guess, and I feel like I had no choice. What I mean by that is the constant urge inside of me to create and the fact that I totally enjoy turning my ideas into reality. Keeps me out of trouble! Haha. I will do more of the same I suppose live, love, laugh, connect, share and repeat.


RIBBON BARK GIVES LIFE 107 X 132CM2023-11-24T11:49:23+11:00
MAYPOLE OF THE BUSH 167 X 138CM2023-10-04T10:57:11+11:00
GAI-MARIAGAL MOON 81 X 123CM2023-08-19T14:43:28+10:00
GLOWING SCRIBBLY GUM 156 X 132CM2023-08-19T14:45:29+10:00


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