Jessica Baker

Artists Statement

Jessica Baker is known for her bold and vibrant impressionistic brush strokes, and if you were to see her in real life, she is often said to be the ‘walking palette’ as there wouldn’t be an item of clothing in her wardrobe not covered in paint. If you were to meet her, she is a confident, fun and vibrant personality, and when she paints, all of this energy is transferred to her canvas with thick textured brush strokes, palette knife work, the simple use of her hands and graffiti-style mark making.

Her paintings are created with lightfast acrylic paints, ink and spray paint. She uses a mix of cotton canvas and Belgium linen. Her impressionistic style is very much like a performance. She lays down colour upon colour with ease as she paints; Creating a fun emanating ambience that transfers to her canvas as she works.

You can quickly draw connections between Jessica’s obsession with her Australian farm lifestyle, love of nature, texture, colour and street art. Each of her paintings: Broken Wood, Damper, Old McDonald, Run Fox Run, The Shearing Shed and G’Day Mate, are all entirely original artworks by this prolific painter.

Nicki Comelli and Jessica Baker have shared an open art studio which they often paint together for many years. You can see their large-scale canvases mimicking colour palettes as they paint in unison.

These modern Australian painters are full of life and personality. The sheer number of paintings in progress in their art studio is beyond impressive. They both have sold paintings to collectors internationally and nationally with much success.


WINE WITH FRIENDS 125 X 125CM2023-06-22T11:29:24+10:00
DIRT ON MY BOOTS 125 X 125CM2023-10-20T13:00:55+11:00
LIFE IS A HIGHWAY 125 X 125CM2023-06-22T11:25:19+10:00
WHERE I WANT TO BE 125 X 125CM2023-06-22T11:19:57+10:00
NOT JUST A PREETY FACE 125 X 125CM2023-06-22T11:17:25+10:00
BUSHMAN GARDEN #3 120 X 120CM2022-09-18T10:26:58+10:00
BUSHMAN GARDEN #2 120 X 120CM2022-07-30T14:36:26+10:00
DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH 120 X 120CM2023-03-18T15:13:10+11:00
GROWING GRATITUDE 120 X 200CM2022-06-08T10:32:27+10:00
HUNTER VALLEY GRAFFITI FLOWERS 122 X 122CM2022-03-01T15:21:59+11:00
AUSSIE,AUSSIE,AUSSIE 122 X 200CM2022-02-14T15:38:28+11:00
HUNTER VALLEY GRAFFITI FLOWERS 122 X 122CM2022-02-14T15:33:30+11:00


621 McDonalds Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320 Australia

10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Friday – Monday


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