Jud Keresztesi

Artists Statement

Australian Born in 1972 with Hungarian Heritage. I have been painting since I was 14 years old though professionally for 18 years. My trademark specialisation is palette knife work throughout most of my paintings, using a brush on parts of the canvas. Most of my paintings have another strong trademark, genuine English bronze powder, this is not gold pigment, it is real bronze which is ground up to make a powder. The bronze is mixed with a special oil medium to create liquid gold which is then applied. I studied art and design at Swinburne Technology. I have also completed a diploma of Interior Design at RMIT. My inspiration comes from many sources like natural phenomenon, bush land and the love for water, the beach, the power of the water and how it makes me feel. My paintings are often based on feelings, personal stories of family, love and other life experiences that blend into a painting. I always paint with music playing in my studio which has a huge impact on my mood, therefore the result of how the paint moves and rests on the canvas is what makes my paintings resolved. In 2015 I was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize at the Caloundra regional Art Gallery Judged by Chris Sanes Director of the Queensland National Art Galllery.


DINNER PLAIN MEMORIES 125 X 185CM2023-11-19T11:57:08+11:00
GREAT SOUTHERN LAND #2 122 X 152CM2023-11-19T11:51:39+11:00
LET’S MEET A HEAVENLY GORGE 100 X 150CM2023-10-27T13:46:21+11:00
HEAVENLY GORGE #2 120 X 150CM2023-09-20T10:01:25+10:00
HUNTER VALLEY SUNSET #2 100 X 180CM2023-08-19T15:47:06+10:00
MEMORIES OF THE RIVER 123 X 152CM2023-04-21T14:31:05+10:00
DOWN BY THE RIVER 138 X 154CM2022-09-19T12:34:26+10:00
BARRINGTON VIEWS 122 X 152CM2022-11-25T10:23:33+11:00
HUNTER VALLEY MEMORIES 94 X 94CM2022-09-09T11:02:22+10:00
HUNTER VALLEY DREAMING 76 X 76CM2022-07-09T14:31:38+10:00
BARRINGTON TOPS 122 X 152CM2022-11-13T13:58:02+11:00
HUNTER VALLEY WALK 122 X 152CM2022-07-09T14:28:40+10:00
HUNTER VALLEY VIEWS 125 X 154CM2022-05-05T09:42:28+10:00
OVER THE SEAS FOR YOU 122 X 183CM2022-03-09T17:18:51+11:00


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