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Artists Statement

 The colours and textures of the Australian landscape are a continual source of inspiration for me. Most images I create through my paintings are stored memories, subjects I long to make visual. I have an inner passion, a driving force, to express my emotions through colour on canvas, to reinterpret these images. My creative energy is devoted to painting all the beauty that exists in feelings. I open myself to let every bit of energy and creativity be expressed onto the canvas and while in that moment allow it to dance. I am on a continual journey to express and render a painting with my utmost skill and those skills always continue to grow. I hope to be able to connect on a deep level with my art. When creating, it gives me the ability to bypass literal perceptions and reach into my world of subconscious thoughts and emotions. When creating it lets me shake off rigid conventions, it is my place of total freedom and joy while interacting with paint, the canvas, textures, colour and shapes! When coming up with a new painting I base it on Earth, Wind, Fire, Water subject matter usually landscape based.. something I research in depth before I start. I then create a large body of work in that series, this keeps me stimulated and interested, rather than repeating the same painting hundreds of different ways. The effect painting has on me each time I start a new piece is always unexpected, it literally takes my breath away!

Works held in Private and Corporate collections in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sth Australia, England, Scotland, Spain, Russian Federation, Asia, Thailand, Bali, Canada, France, Europe, Slovakia, Ireland, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, USA.


HUNTER VALLEY AUTUMN 100 X 152CM2022-05-13T16:39:48+10:00
CALLOF THE WILD 7 100 X 100CM2022-04-02T13:06:00+11:00
CALL OF THE WILD 6 79 X 79CM2022-04-02T13:00:35+11:00
CALL OF THE WILD 5 79 X 79CM2022-04-02T12:58:10+11:00
CALL OF THE WILD 4 79 X 79CM2022-04-29T15:38:55+10:00


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