Michèle Heibel

Artists Statement

My miniatures are drawn from immediate surroundings and personal experiences and as a result they become little pieces of my soul put out into the world. It is a pleasure and a privilege then, to have kindred spirits appear and connect to these works, adopting them to form a part of their own lives and stories.I work using only a needle or pin, screwed into an old, metal etching handle. This once belonged to my Swiss Grandfather – a wonderful Graphic Designer who I sadly never had to opportunity to meet but now accompanies me, even as I work in solitude. Words can be overwhelming, I find and I am grateful for the ability to convey my feelings in a beautiful, quiet, visual way. The miniature space is such a deceptively powerful thing. A small, private window into another place and time.

Born in 1972 into an artistic Swiss family, Michèle Heibel spent most of her formative years in the picturesque Bernese countryside. In 1983 after extensive travels, her family immigrated to Australia. Michèle’s interest in art was ever-present and once out of school she went on to attain a Diploma in Graphic Design at North Sydney’s Billy Blue College. She found work in Kerry Packer’s publishing empire and went on to design and art direct various magazines over the following two decades. In 2009, after the birth of her child, Michèle felt a deep need for change, moving to the Hunter Valley and returning to the rural lifestyle she had known as a child. She credits this environment with finding her way back to creating artworks by hand. Present day Michèle is an award winning artist and her artworks form part of private and public collections. In recent years she has been a finalist in major prizes such as the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize, the Marie Ellis OAM Drawing Prize and the Fleurieu Biennale


PORTRAIT OF A MOB 39 X 39CM2024-03-24T13:13:49+11:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE FIRE PIT 80CM X 64CM2024-03-24T13:07:23+11:00
Misty Morning Mob 43 x 64cm2022-09-01T17:00:15+10:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE FIRE PIT 80cm Diameter 64cm High2022-08-22T12:27:42+10:00
IF I WERE A LITTLE BIRD 30 X 30CM2022-08-01T15:08:16+10:00
LOVEDALE RIDGE 7AM 8 X 59CM2021-11-07T12:32:18+11:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE No6 9 x 34CM2021-11-07T12:23:32+11:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE No5 9 x 34cm2021-11-07T12:15:15+11:00
BOOMER & FLYER SITTIN’ IN A TREE NO1 13 X 13CM2021-09-30T15:23:27+10:00
LATE AFTERNOON TASTING NO1 9 X 29CM2021-11-07T11:34:41+11:00
THE SECOND CARROT NO1 13 X 13CM2021-06-19T13:09:55+10:00
THE LONG WAIT no1 13 x 13CM2021-06-19T13:05:09+10:00
FARM GATE LAMENT no113 X 13CM2021-07-04T15:25:53+10:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE 4 9 X 34CM2021-11-07T11:37:51+11:00
ON THE GRAPEVINE 2 9 X 34CM2021-05-19T13:28:12+10:00
UNDER THE MISTLETOE 72 X 72CM2021-09-05T12:06:04+10:00


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