Nicki Comelli

Artists Statement

Nicki Comelli intuitively paints in her studio. Colour and fashion inspire her paintings, along with the mantra, “When you smile, you make other people smile. It makes the world a better place.”

Nicki is an abstract mark maker. Her artwork is often completed over months and sometimes years; This allows her to work on several paintings simultaneously. She builds her paintings up using lightfast acrylic paints, spray paint, Sumi ink and oil stick.

Her artwork finished with Sumi-e ink belongs to her ‘Zen Collection,’ which focuses on colour, simplicity and spontaneity. Inspired by the ancient art of Sumi-e, to paint the energy of an object, not so much the thing itself. Her paintings finished in oil stick are categorised as her ‘Urban Collection.’ This work is powerful and portrays strength through the use of bold hand-drawn strokes.

Zen Collection: Hunter, Forest Bathing, Grange, Gucci Gardenia and Temple. Urban Collection: Louis Stompers and Versace Tears.

Both Jessica and Nicole’s work are hero pieces in any space they are hung. Their varied colour palettes make them easy to work with interior styling.

When choosing a piece of artwork, there are surprising parallels that you can draw between what you like and your personality. So what does your taste in art say about you? Are you a Cartel Flowers, Zen or Urban collector?

These modern Australian painters are full of life and personality. The sheer number of paintings in progress in their art studio is beyond impressive. They both have sold paintings to collectors internationally and nationally with much success.


EAT YOUR GREENS 105 X 105CM2022-09-09T11:01:09+10:00
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL 104 X 156CM2022-11-25T11:50:45+11:00
THIS IS NOT ICE-CREAM 77 X 102CM2022-04-29T15:52:11+10:00


621 McDonalds Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320 Australia

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Friday – Monday


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