FIRE IN MY HEART 122 X 183CM2020-04-28T13:03:47+10:00
THE FLAMES OF THE BALLABOURNEEN 100 X 150CM2020-04-28T12:59:51+10:00
THE FIRE OF PASSION & CREATIVITY 122 X 183CM2020-04-28T12:45:07+10:00
THE WILD FIRE THAT BURNS WITHIN MY HEART 122 X 240CM2020-04-28T12:37:19+10:00
HUNTER MORNING MIST 122 X 102CM2019-10-23T10:34:49+11:00
HUNTER MOUNTAIN AIR 100 X 122CM2019-10-23T10:35:08+11:00
HUNTER VALLEY REFLECTIONS 102 X 102CM2019-10-23T10:35:22+11:00
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